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Interview with Cara Black

by Krista Lyn White, WSO sports mentor

Don’t listen to the banter. Big is not always better. Sometimes being big can just be, well, a burden. Just ask Cara Black. She’s no small name in tennis. And her results are downright huge. If you didn’t already know, she has 10 Grand Slam doubles titles and a Career Grand Slam in mixed. Very few can brag of such a collection of trophies, inside tennis or out. And while you’ll never hear the big name from Zimbabwe talk about her achievements, you’ll know by just being around Cara that the really big things in life happen well outside those white lines.

Krista Lyn White, WSO sports mentor

Cara Black: After having Lachie [her son], I am way more relaxed than I used to be. I still have the competitive drive in me. The wins are greater and the loses are nothing what they used to be to me… I just have so much more perspective…If we have had a loss, the disappointment is gone in 2 seconds after I see him…. When I come off the court, and he just runs straight into my arms, he has no idea whether I’ve won or lost, and he doesn’t care.

After being gone from tennis for a few years to have Lachie I have a different perspective. I had always played year in and year out for 13 or 14 years. And thankfully, I could do that because I didn’t have any injuries. But I was kind of fried at the end of that. I just needed a break and thought maybe it was time to move on. But after having a couple of years off, I realized I just needed a break to refresh me. I was relieved to find out that I still loved the game…. I still want to get out there and try to achieve things. I’m definitely enjoying it more now than I did before.

In your career, it’s easy to start to take things for granted. And now, I look back and I see that I could have done this better or that better or been more professional. And during the time away, I had the time to reflect on it all. Now I am putting more effort into it in a lot of ways, especially being more relaxed….With Lachie, [being more relaxed] comes more naturally, because with him, I have such a different perspective. Winning is not the be all or end all anymore.

I said to myself before coming back, I’m not going to put pressure on myself to win a Grand Slam or be number one. I just want to come out here and enjoy competing and have fun. I achieved so much before having Lachie. My achievements now are just icing on the cake. And that’s why I’m really pleased with what [my doubles partners and I] have done this year. And that whether we won or lost, that I was still enjoying the training and the competing. And I did that!

Winning the last two tournaments with Sania was great! And it just made me realize that it’s still there…. But, I also realized that if it doesn’t happen, then it’s okay. I just want to keep enjoying it, and not get like I did before I stopped playing.