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Women’s Sports Outreach (WSO) sports mentors empower women in professional, elite and collegiate sports to achieve their full potential. They focus on the whole athlete, caring for her mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

WSO is an association of sports mentors. Individual sports mentors are independently accountable to their respective ministries and organization affiliations. For their experience and qualifications, please read their biographies and associated personal and/or ministry websites.

Krista Lyn White

Krista Lyn White has served as a sports mentor to women in professional tennis since 2007, accompanying individual players to over 50 WTA tournaments, Fed Cup competitions and Grand Slams in Europe, Australia, and the United States. She is the author of eight books and played forward for Liberty University‘s women’s soccer team in the early 90s. Krista is the founder and coordinator of Women’s Sports Outreach.

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Speaks: English and French (limited)


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Twitter: @kristalynwhite

Instagram: @kristalynwhite

Regula Carrillo-Maag

Regula Carrillo-Maag is the lead sports mentor at Athletes in Action Switzerland. She has been a chaplain at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010. She also is a Birkman Certified Consultant and has competed as a cross-country skier. Last year, she published her first book, An Unexpected Singleness.

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Speaks: Swiss German, German and English

Website: Athletes in Action Switzerland

Carolyn Skinner

Carolyn Skinner has been a sports chaplain at Royal Ascot 2007, Winter Paralympics 2010, Women’s Rugby World Cup 2010, Olympics and Paralympics 2012, Commonwealth Games 2014. She is the CEO of Third Space Ministries in London and is a long distance runner.

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Speaks: English

Website: Third Space Ministries

Ursula Bruhin

Ursula Bruhin is a four-time world champion snowboarder from Switzerland and was a member of the 2006 Swiss Olympic team. She is a motivational speaker and a certified SRS sports mentor. Ursula is also an accomplished surfer and windsurfer.

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Speaks: Swiss German, German, English, and French.