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Women’s Sports Outreach (WSO) is different. It focuses on the female athlete and her concerns.

WSO’s mission is to empower the female athlete with the knowledge of who she is and what she can achieve, not only in sports, but in life.

WSO seeks to accomplish this mission through building relationships. This is done mainly through female-to-female mentoring. WSO sports mentors are athletes themselves and have extensive experience counseling and coaching professional, Olympic and elite athletes. (To read more about WSO sports mentors and their qualifications, please go to the Mentors page.)

The articles and interviews offered on this site are meant to supplement an on-going mentoring relationship. But, any athlete of an gender or skill level can benefit from them. Please go to the Blog page to read a few.

WSO is an association of sports mentors. Individual sports mentors are accountable to their respective ministries and organization affiliations.

For more information about WSO or to speak to a WSO sports mentor, please fill out the form below or write to us at: contact (at)